25 Oct 2013

belphegor1982: (black and white me)
Day 25Movie speculation time. Is there a particular character you have an unimpeachable fancast for?

I can’t unsee Nathan Fillion as Hogan. Seriously, the more I watch him in different roles the more I think he’d be perfect for Hogan (even though he might be getting a little too old for the part if the movie gets done in five or ten years – Hollywood is merciless that way).

I have no idea about the others, except that the producers should get German or Austrian actors for Klink and Schultz (and Burkhalter if he’s in the script) and a French actor for LeBeau. Shortish, if possible, and good at both drama and comedy. For some reason (apart from my fancast of Hogan), I have trouble seeing “big name” actors for the characters …

Actually, I’m just hoping that, if indeed they make a movie, they do it right.

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