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Day 21Scariest scene/character/episode/bit?

In retrospect, probably the (short) scene in “Two Nazis for the Price of One” where Hogan is ordered to neutralise a SS officer by all means necessary, because he’s heard of the Manhattan Project (Hogan and the guys have no idea what it’s about). It comes down to Hogan grabbing a gun and resolved to shoot the guy.

Who is currently lounging in Klink’s office, that is to say in plain sight of a number of guards.

It’s not really played up, but what Hogan is prepared to do is plain and simple self-sacrifice. An Allied prisoner shooting a German soldier in the middle of a German POW camp? If he’s not killed instantly after the deed, he’s facing Gestapo torture and eventually, a concentration camp. His best hope is killing the officer, and then being shot right after so he doesn’t reveal anything about the Stalag 13 set-up to the Gestapo.

Fortunately, the SS officer is an utter bastard and has been treating his adjutant like crap for a long time. The adjutant ends up shooting his officer himself just as Hogan walks in.

Still, and for all that it’s quite short, the aforementioned implications make this scene much darker than the usual tone of the series. Author Snooky9093 wrote a what-if story (No Way Out) about the consequences of Hogan shooting the officer instead of the adjutant; great story, but it’s every bit as dark as it sounds.

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