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Day 22Favourite fandom-related thing? Can be an author, a story, a piece of fanart … Something you really love.

I think my favourite Hogan’s Heroes fanfiction is still and always will be dust on the wind’s Perfect Pitch.

It’s about Burkhalter ‘enrolling’ Hogan and his guys to sing in the Hammelburger Chorgemeinschaft– male voices choir – to please his wife (I swear it makes sense in context), and our Heroes taking advantage of this to retrieve and rescue Robert Morrison, a deep cover agent from the episode “Bad Day in Berlin”, with the help of a generously-built Italian soprano. Music is present throughout the story in various forms; the grand finale, when the whole choir plus orchestra perform Beethoven’s An Die Freude (the Ode to Joy from his Ninth Symphony), is nothing short of glorious, but there’s a short but quite powerful moment when Burkhalter is not quite convinced that Hogan’s men can sing, and Lieutenant Doyle (fantastic original character, by the way) has them sing Jerusalem (a hymn that became the anthem for British resistance to adversity) in front of the Germans. Yes, there are stakes to songs, and important ones, too.

All original characters have personal stakes in the story, believable arcs, and the ending is very satisfying. The character of Lieutenant Doyle has since then featured in a few other stories by the same author, to the delight of her readers. All in all, one of my favourite stories on this site, which is saying a lot, considering the sheer number of fanfictions :o)

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