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Day 23Least favourite part of the show (a scene/line/character/something that made you cringe)?

I really hate the part in “Drums Along the Düsseldorf” where Newkirk and LeBeau make fun of Carter’s Sioux heritage. It makes me frankly uncomfortable and I want to knock their heads together every single time I see this episode. I try to keep a mental balance between what pertains to the politically correct and what pertains to humour, but to me this scene is just not funny. The only redeeming part is that Carter actually gets angry, and that that is not played for laughs.

Carter: (after the guys ask him for a rain dance) We Sioux aren’t too much on rain dances. Massacres are more our style. And if you two fellows will wait until I get through carving this little bow and arrow, I’ll be happy to give you a little demonstration!

And then he messes up the bow and arrow trick later in the episode and Newkirk has to do it :( Honestly, without going all Tumblr social justice warrior mode, I’d have loved if Carter did fire the arrow right and set the truck on fire. It would have made up for some of Newkirk’s and LeBeau’s not-so-good-natured ribbing.
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