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Day 29Just tell us anything. Pick a random thing you want to get off your chest about the show.

One of my personal explanations for Kinch’s total absence (even in passing mention) in season 6 is that it’s actually an alternate universe in which he doesn’t exist, and fate/the powers that be/whatever made it so that Baker landed in Stalag 13 instead. I wish the script writers had (taken the?) time to develop this character; since he’s significantly younger than the rest of the cast, I tend to see him as the clever youngest brother who looks up to his older siblings, but is grounded and level-headed enough that he doesn’t feel he has to prove himself (and is absolutely correct) because he knows he brings his very own talents to the team.

Now, in the head canon I use most, both Kinch and Baker are prisoners in Barracks 2; both are radiomen, so they can relay each other. They speak the same jargon, and sometimes their conversations are completely obscure to non-radio geeks.

But now I wonder what Baker would do/have done in situations that relied on Kinch: would he make the same choices? Have the same reactions? And what if the universes collide, and one day Kinch takes Baker’s place, or vice versa? How would the others react?

If you’re wondering, yes, this is a plot bunny I’d love to see adopted :o)

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