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Day 20For a number of reasons, the writers never mentioned the Final Solution on the show. Should they have? If you think so, how do you believe they could have broached the subject?

I really don’t see how they could have, to tell the truth (but then again, I’m not a script writer). Not only the horrors of the Shoah weren’t as widely and publicly known in 1965-1971 as they are now, but in the absence of plots over more than one episode long (with two exceptions), there was simply no time to treat the subject in a respectful manner – and I’m not even talking of making or avoiding making it a ‘very special episode’. There have been comedies since then that dealt with the Final Solution (I’m thinking of Life is Beautiful, for one), but in a half-hour comedy series (the premise of which was outlandish and controversial enough) I simply see no way they could have included it in a plot, whether they should have or not.

It’s also one of the reasons I don’t think we’ll ever see a Hogan’s Heroes film. At the time, the war itself was barely twenty years ago, still fresh and vivid in people’s minds and in the loved ones they had lost; now, in two years we’ll commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the end of the war, but in some ways hindsight has made the subject even more sensitive than it was. So… I don’t know.
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(For the past week I worked at the library as part of a “work experience” - I guess that’s the right word - and today’s the last day. Loved it, although boy, it’s no picnic and quite tiring!)

Day 19An important or trivial event of WW2 you wish had been featured/mentioned on the show.

I’m biased, of course, but I’d have loved a relatively LeBeau-centric episode about the Liberation of Paris. Since there wasn’t, I … extrapolated a little in my first Hogan’s Heroes story, Soul Food (chapter 4, to be precise). That’s what fan fiction is for, isn’t it? In my head, that’s what happened, gratin dauphinois and all ;o)

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Day 18A scene, or episode, which made you learn something you didn’t know about WW2.

Before watching “Go Light on the Heavy Water” I didn’t know just how close the Nazis had come to producing nuclear weapons (granted, not that close, thanks to the combined efforts of Norwegian resistance, the British SOE and the French Deuxième Bureau in 1940, but still much too close for comfort). Since then, I’ve read a bit on the subject, and despite the probable inaccuracies I’d like to watch The Heroes of Telemark sometime. It’s a fascinating piece of history.
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Day 17 – A scene that makes you smile?

Boy, which (funny/heart-warming) one doesn’t? :o)

But I particularly love this one at the end of “The Flame Grows Higher”, where Hogan has just saved Schultz’s bacon, and Hogan jokes that he “[doesn’t] know how [Schultz]’d get through this war without [him]”. Schultz agrees, and adds with a smile:

Schultz: Colonel Hogan, if you ever escape…
Hogan: Yeah?
Schultz: Be a good fellow, and take me with you.

Hogan has no qualms playing Schultz like a fiddle, but from time to time Schultz shows him that he sort of lets himself being played sometimes. Also I get the impression that they gang up on Klink in terms of snark as a(n unspoken) rule. It’s rather hilarious and this example (just outside of Klink’s office) is adorable.
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Day 16A scene that makes you cry?

Okay, it’s actually a toss-up between two episodes of the sixth season. Seriously, I couldn’t choose. Brace yourselves for the dreaded wall of text :o)

My favourite gut-twisting feels behind the cut... )
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Starting a week-long "work experience" (I guess that's the correct expression) in our local library today :o) II haven't had hands-on experience with being a librarian for a great long while, so I'm excited and a little bit scared. Wish me luck!

Day 15Favourite non canon romantic ship?

Man, the canon ship question was hard enough! I’m not much of a shipper, to tell the truth :o] So I’ll say Major Lutz and Lila Fenster from “Klink vs. the Gonculator”. It’s mainly thanks to Sgt. Moffitt’s amazing story Return of the Informer, in which she weaves the different roles (no less than seven!) played by a recurring actor into one character, a hapless everyman who, after having defected to the Allies, gets shifted around intelligence assignments and runs from unfortunate situation to another – generally something having to do with Stalag 13. He and Lila fall in love during his ‘Major Lutz’ stint, and it’s adorable. The story ends with Lila having been shipped to safety in London and he being sent there too after one final assignment, hopefully to a “nice, safe, boring desk job”. Seriously, this story is adorable and funny as hell, and by the start of the second chapter you’ll end up having a lot of sympathy for the poor guy.
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Day 14Favourite canon romantic ship?

Is Klink/himself canon? :P Guess not. I’m going to say Hogan/Tiger, then; both have lives (and affairs, in Hogan’s case – but then we don’t see much of Tiger, so maybe she does, too) and missions which keep them very busy, but from the episodes they appear in together, they’re always very glad to see each other again. They probably won’t sit under the apple tree for each other, but hey, c’est la vie.
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This is probably one of the longest answers ;o)

Day 13Favourite friendship?

In case it’s not been completely obvious from the start – aw, heck, even if it’s completely obvious, I don’t care – Newkirk and LeBeau. Why, you ask? Well.
How do I begin with these two? )
So, in a nutshell, I love ‘em. Their friendship is one of (if not) my favourite thing about the show, it’s the source of great comedy and sometimes great unexpected drama, and it’s no coincidence that they pop up in most of my stories (at least in a passing mention). That is not to say I don’t love other friendships – I adore the trio of Newkirk, Carter and LeBeau, and Kinch and Hogan is underrated and there needs to be more stories about them – but this is my very favourite.

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I forgot to post the answer to question n.12 yesterday!! Catching up now, then :o)

Day 12Least favourite casting/a casting you thought could have been improved with [insert name here]?

I can’t offer any alternative, but as a Frenchwoman, I’m not a fan of all the times a French character was played by an actor/actress who wasn’t, especially when they had to actually speak French or say a few words in French. It’s unfair and it doesn’t do justice to the actors and actresses, I’m aware of it, but it’s glaring and quite jarring, particularly because one of the main cast actually is French, and it’s evident every time he says something. I know that when you shoot a series you take the actors you can get at short notice, and that I should be glad that they actually included a French actor in the first place, but still. It’s a pet peeve of mine.
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Day 11 – Favourite actress?

I saw The Blues Brothers way before I saw Hogan’s Heroes, but when I finally made the connection and realised that Frau Linkmeyer was a scary nun in Chicago, I laughed my head off. Kathleen Freeman is the only recurring actress who isn’t conventionally pretty, and is there to play the shrewish, small-minded harpy, who is scary because she is 1) forceful, 2) not a beautiful young woman, and 3) a general’s sister (plus a general's (?) widow) and used to a certain amount of obedience from other people. I love Kathleen Freeman’s “Right, Wolfgang? Right” recurring gag when she’s engaged – tells you everything you need to know about her character’s dynamic with a potential husband. She’s in charge, he won’t be able to say a word about anything. The odd thing is, he doesn’t seem to mind too much … At the start ;o)
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Day 10Favourite actor?

Werner Klemperer, hands down :o) Honestly, it’s no wonder the man won prizes for his interpretation of Klink.

Colonel Klink is a snivelling, vain, petty man with an odd mix of delusions of grandeur and a desire to be just left in peace whether the war continues or not. On a meta level, you know he’s doomed to fail again and again in his schemes, and seeing this character flail about like a lizard in a tank is enjoyable by itself; and yet, Werner Klemperer manages to make him almost likeable, and certainly sympathetic at times. You want him to fail; but you don’t want him to die (and he comes close, sometimes). You want Hogan to win, but you want the more serious, worse bad guys to suffer more than Klink. Also, he’s just like Wile E. Coyote in that you know he’s going to get it at the end – half the fun is to discover just how, and he’s hilarious in his attempts to outsmart the Roadrunner/Hogan/the big old boulder rolling toward him.

Klink should have just been the village idiot and a fiddle for Hogan to play, but the way Werner Klemperer plays him makes him quite endearing. I don’t know about you, but in my headcanon Klink survived the war and settled down, maybe as a bookkeeper, somewhere he doesn’t have to grovel to generals and he can play his violin when the mood takes him. Badly, of course.

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(I’ll probably be a little late tomorrow, as I’m out of town for a couple of days - I'm going to Bordeaux to see a concert of One Night of Queen tonight!! In the meantime, more friendship feels :o)

Day 9Favourite scene?

Sergeant Andrew Carter is a very talented chemist and bomb-maker and scarily good at impersonation, but he’s also generally considered a goof and a ditz, prone to absent-mindedness and liable to foul up assignments that are thought to be simple. He has forgotten a camera in the middle of the compound (that means the firing squad), is somehow incapable of remembering the name of the (fictional) English town Leedingham, and his friends don’t hold back mockery, cutting remarks and digs, good-natured or not.

If you think this means they wouldn’t risk their lives for him without batting an eyelid, however, you’d be dead wrong.

In “Carter Turns Traitor”, Hogan has Carter pretend to defect to the Germans in order to learn the location of a secret chemical weapons plant. By the end, Carter has been so successful that the scientists take him with them, back to the plant – which is going to be destroyed shortly. A rescue mission being in order, Hogan and the guys dress as SS to get Carter back. This happens just before they go up the tunnel:

Hogan: This is dangerous. It’s broad daylight, and the area right now is loaded with German troops. I want you to understand, this mission is on a strictly voluntary status.
Kinch: So what, Colonel?
Hogan: Just want to make that plain.
Kinch: Let’s go get Carter, Colonel.
Newkirk: Now, Colonel. Now.
LeBeau: Why are we standing here?
Hogan (smiles): Okay. Let’s go.

It should be pointed out that this has to be one of the most serious conversations in the whole show. They mean it a hundred per cent.

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Long post behind the cut :o)

Day 8Favourite episode?

“Klink vs. the Gonculator”. Everything about this episode is fantastic.

What's a "Gonculator"? That remains a mystery for the ages. )

The end. Sorry for the messy recap :P

PS: The word ‘Gonkulator’ was later used by computer geeks to indicate the piece of hardware they liked less. It’s also the name of a DOD Electronics guitar effect pedal from the 1990s. Too cool for words.

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There's a lot of great one-liners and ping-pong banter in this show, but this is my favourite!

Day 7Favourite quote (recurring or not)?

I know it’s dialogue more than just a quote, but it sums up a lot of the dynamics in Hogan’s Heroes. For the context, Newkirk and LeBeau have gone on a dangerous mission:

Hogan: Kinch, all that matters is victory. Even if you have to sacrifice two good men.
Kinch: Right. (pause) And if they’re not back in ten minutes, we’re going out to get them, right?
Hogan: (nods) Right!

(I can’t for the life of me remember which episode this was from… Bad Bel :S I’ll add the title as soon as I find the episode, though.)

It’s a joke, it’s a subversion of the classic “soldiers are expendable” trope, it shows not only Hogan’s “papa wolf” (well, Papa Bear, since this is Hogan's codename ;o) relation to his men but also the fact that Kinch knows his CO so well he doesn’t even raise an eyebrow at Hogan’s first line. I love it.
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I’m sorry this is so short :-/

Day 6Character you think is misunderstood in fandom/misinterpreted?

I don’t think Felix the mouse from “Operation Briefcase” is real (but I bet Carter wishes he was). Other than that, frankly, I’m stumped.

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It’s a good thing I wrote these entries in advance - otherwise I’d never have time to elaborate :o)

Day 5Favourite villain/antagonist?

When it comes to killer one-liners and characters snarking at each other, Hogan’s Heroes always delivers; since Hogan and the boys are usually ahead of Schultz and Klink in term of banter and/or awareness of what’s going on, snarking is usually on the side of the good guys. But the one bad guy who could give Hogan a run for his money sarcasm is General Burkhalter.

Hochstter might be scarier (being Gestapo helps) but Burkhalter seems smarter to me. )
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For this one the cut is really justified, because the answer’s loooooooong :o)

Day 4Favourite supporting character, female?

I hesitated a long time, because while there aren’t many main female characters, there are plenty of one-episode wonders, so to speak, and some of them are quite memorable. Lady Leslie Chitterly is crazy awesome (she manages to bluff Adolf Hitler on the phone – her “Really, ‘Dolf!” really are something) and Dr Suzanne Lechay is calm and smiling but fearless, with a core of steel … But I think my favourite female supporting character is Kumasa, aka Carol Dukes, from “Is General Hammerschlag Burning?”.

I love references to Is Paris Burning?. )
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Day 3Favourite supporting character, male?

Colonel (Group Captain, really – proper RAF rank) Rodney Crittendon.

He's a twit, but I like him. )

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I’m thrilled to see other people do this - granted, not on LJ (as far as I'm aware) but it's so cool to be able to share :o) If you aren't, please feel free to jump on the bandwagon! And if you're reading this and you're not in the fandom, I seriously love you :o]

Day 2 - Favourite female character.

There are very few recurring female characters: Helga, Hilda, Frau Linkmeyer, Marya and Tiger – and that’s it. Well, my favourite is Tiger, aka Marie-Louise Monet.

Cut for length! )

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I'll be putting longer replies in insert cuts to keep my entries friend-list-friendly, because goodness knows I go on and go about things I like. (The image is mine - I used text from one of my unfinished stories and drew the pen. What d'you think?)

Okay, let's do this! :o)

Day 1 - Favourite male character.

This probably won't come as a surprise... )

For a show that was never big on internal continuity, especially characters’, and had no narrative arc whatsoever, the script writers sure wrote engaging characters :o)

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