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Yep, like "Well, rats", except much more miffed.

I used to be able to go online to see episodes of Hogan's Heroes in original version, and now the person who had put them up has taken them down from their YouTube account after CBS and YouTube came down on accounts who streamed whole episodes of their TV shows. (S)he says (s)he'll put them up again whenever (s)he finds a fitting site and gets the chance, but it might take a very long time, and in the meantime I only have the few (seven, actually) episodes I actually downloaded. Now I wish I had downloaded all of them :-/

So if you know a cosy little place on the Net where Europeans can watch Hogan's Heroes (because there are such a lot of sites I can't access from France), I'd be very grateful. But in the meantime, well, nuts.
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I don't know what's going on, but the HTML editor isn't working at the moment, which means I have to rely entirely on tags. Maybe it's just my browser (Mozilla 10.0.2) goofing off; anyone else experiencing trouble in that department?
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Okay, so I was working on colouring a drawing for the past two weeks (two weeks!!) - namely this drawing (click'n'display):

Everybody smile for the camera... )

...And last night just after I saved for the millionth time and I had almost finished all the colours and lines (only shades to do, and I do it cartoon-style, so they're generally simple) I was met with the sight of... this. (Just replace the name of the file with DCAU Rogues line-up dot xcf).

Blue Meanie )

And when I started the file again, GIMP informed me that the "integrity" of the file had been "compromised" - but not without filling me with false hope by saying that the data had been loaded. Wait, if the data was loaded, that means I have a chance of finding my 10 or so layers again, huh? Huh? Or not :o(

I'm in a funk, so to speak. Fortunately, today is my sister-in-law-to-be's bachelor party (complete with laser game, Turkish baths, and restaurant/karaoke) so it'll take my mind off this. I keep telling myself that after all, it's just a drawing, but it doesn't help. It was time, love and tiny loving tweaking with my faithful tablet. Now I have to start the whole thing again from scratch, and I don't think I have the courage for that. Might wait a day or two, at least.

Hate when that happens - but to have it happen just when I was almost done... makes it worse :'o(

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