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I had a bit of time on my hands the other day, plus a pen - so I drew this. Incidentally, the car here looks more like a WV Beetle than a Citroën DC, because 1) I had no reference and 2) I can't draw cars for the life of me anyway =P

The Alleged Car... )

The Trickstermobile's Secret Origin is explained here. I blame my finally getting past my fear of epic car-drawing fail on listening to Sweet's Ballroom Blitz and watching again that two-second scene in Life on Mars where Gene Hunt drives down a street at breakneck speed in reverse with a sandwich in his mouth while long-suffering Sam Tyler hangs on :D Let's just say this is the first time Piper's found himself in the passenger seat - the place we call in colloquial French "the dead man's seat" :D
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Decided to post my beta-read fics here too :o)



Everybody Comes To Harry's is a new story I'm working on - a series of stories, rather, Rogues-related, that begin/end/take place at Harry's (the Unflappable Barkeep :D) To think that that pub only has a name in my mind because of the bad guy's bar in Watchmen being called "Happy Harry"... :o) But there'll be more nods to Casablanca than to Watchmen. I think :P I mean, the title is one (Everybody Comes To Rick's was the title of the original play the film was based on).

This one's the first chapter, and basically it's the very beginning of what will be the Rogues. Wally - Flash - is still a kid (of around 16) and Captain Cold has been around for maybe a couple of months.

Story: Everybody Comes To Harry's
Chapter one: A Meeting of Rogues
Rating: G
Characters: Captain Cold, Heatwave, Flash
Pairing: none
Genre: mostly humour
'Verse: DCAU
Summary: They say your first bank job is something you always remember. It certainly was the case for Mick Rory.

A Meeting of Rogues )

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