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...Just very busy during the day and knackered when I get home. I've had an actual job since the beginning of September: I work at the "archives départementales" (departments are a subdivision of France; it's country -> régions -> départements -> communes (towns).) for a cleaning company that specialises in restoring old documents.

Details behind the cut... )

Tl;dr: my job is equal parts yay and meh, I'm happy about it but knackered and glad it's over soon :o)

I've re-discovered Les Misérables again (book and musical), and aside from the fact that I am inordinately excited about the oncoming Tom Hooper movie (I read the script and I don't expect it to be anything but awesome), it's made me feel artsy again, because there are so many great characters. Some of my favourites are the students who fight on the barricades during the June Uprising, and Hugo draws such good portraits of them with words that I just had to try my hand at defining my mental images of them. It's a big picture, so in case LJ truncates it here's a link.

Les Amis de l'ABC. It's a pun on "abaissé" - downtrodden. Hugo loves those, and so do I :P )

So, from top to bottom/left to right, Feuilly (the only workman of the group), Combeferre (badass bookworm extraordinaire), Lesgles/Lègle/Laigle/L’Aigle de Meaux, known as Bossuet (sweet man, but really unlucky with a healthy sense of humour about it), Joly (most cheerful and loveable hypochondriac you’ll ever meet); Enjolras (statuesque warrior of the Republic), Jean (or Jehan) Prouvaire (sweet-natured poet you do not want to cross), and the three less reputable of the lot, Bahorel (a generous spirit and a first-class brawler given any flimsy excuse), Courfeyrac (a fop and a dandy with a heart larger than Europe) and Grantaire (an often drunken cynic who doesn’t care a bit for revolution but really likes hanging out with the rest of them).

Also, and because I haven't posted anything in ages and I feel the (probably unnecessary) need to make up for it, I nicked this great little Doctor Who "Which Doctor are you" quizz from [ profile] rose_of_pollux, and I have to say the results surprised me...

Allons-y! And I'm French, I'm entitled :D )

Fine by me :o)

Hope you're doing well!
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Because it's been ages since I posted anything, and because I've been doodling with my tablet again and I guess it's not too shabby (even if I still have a looong way to go in terms of making portraits look like actual people).

You think it’ll last forever, the people and cars and concrete. But it won’t. One day it’s all gone, even the sky. )

Doctor Who Season 1 (well, 27, actually) Episode 2 ("The End of the World").

I like this one.
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Happened on this great video on YouTube and thought I'd share it - because, honestly, the Master does deserve to join the Evil League of Evil :D

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