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Happy new year, everybody! One of my "good resolutions" (is it something you say in English, too?) is posting a little more here, as well. As far as I'm concerned, 2015 will go down as a pretty crappy year, so let's make 2016 just a little bit better despite the string of untimely deaths this January.

I've been drawing a lot these days (and writing, but it's unfinished, so not posting that yet), and here are some of the results! Here's an ink and black marker drawing for a start (on DeviantArt here):

For spelling and syntax )

“Jesus,” Don Camillo insisted, “do You realise that You’re making me work for the revolution?”
“You’re working for grammar, syntax and spelling, none of which are particularly diabolical or political.”
Don Camillo put on his glasses, grabbed his pencil, and corrected the mistakes in the speech that Peppone was to read on the following day. Peppone reread the paper seriously.
"Good,” he approved. “The only thing I don’t understand is this: where I said "It is our intention to extend the school edifice and rebuild the bridge over the Fossalto”, you wrote “It is our intention to extend the school edifice, repair the church tower and rebuild the bridge over the Fossalto”. Why?“
"It’s a matter of syntax,” said Don Camillo solemnly. (”Scuola serale”/”Evening School”, Giovannino Guareschi)
I can’t draw glasses. so I skipped them. (Although I finally managed to draw that bloody hat! Who-hoo!) Anyway. I translated “edificio scolastico” by “school edifice” because “scholastic/educational edifice” sounded a little too much - although it gives you an idea of the kind of syntax Peppone is prone to use in his speeches :D

I started doodling on a page with the vague intention of drawing my favourite characters… and someone (*glares*) commandeered the entire page. Sigh. I also had the vague intention to try drawing him with his hat and his half-cigar, but my pen wouldn’t agree. (on Tumblr here)
Yay expressions! )

You know, Don Camillo can be devilishly devious and smug as all get-out, and lie egregiously through his teeth (even to the crucified Christ who talks to him, which is frankly an exercise in futility - not that it ever stops him) if he thinks it’s for a good cause. But behind his short temper he has a heart the size of a small continent, and every now and then it shows, plain as day :o)

The last one for the road? It's kind of an adaptation of one of the first stories in the first book (and the second scene in the first movie), and I think it tells a lot about both Don Camillo and Peppone. For the record, this happens in 1946, so there's a lot leftover from the war both in the landscape and people's minds. (On DeviantArt in one file here)
"Incendio doloso" )

(Afterwards) Don Camillo went to kneel in front of the Christ on the main altar.
"I thank you," he said, "for making us stop! If you hadn't shouted "Halt" when you did, we would have been in a lot of trouble."
"No you wouldn't," replied Christ, smiling. "You knew where you were going; walking on would have been suicide for you and you would have gone back anyway, Don Camillo."
"I know, but one can't rely too much on one's self-confidence. Sometimes pride ruins us." (Giovannino Guareschi, “Incendio doloso”/”Arson” - kind of a spoilery title, eh?)

Everybody knows that Peppone and his men kept a few well-furnished weapons caches from when they were partisans (which, in this particular story, means little more than a year ago). You never know what you’re going to need when the proletarian revolution comes. But nobody knows exactly how many “souvenirs” Don Camillo kept... They all agree on at least a .81 mortar (so basically a small cannon), not counting of course his hunting rifle and his old M91 gun from World War One. Then again, considering the atmosphere in Emilia-Romagna in 1946-1948, it’s probably not a bad thing to remind some people that he has that arsenal from time to time...
I’ll try to have this coloured soon! In the meantime, boy I had fun with those expressions :D
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I promised I'd post again when I have more stuff to post, so here I am :o)

A few random expressions. I drew Peppone thinking of a scene in a story called "A Poacher's Penance" ("In piedi e seduti", in Italian, meaning "Standing and Sitting"), but I'm not saying why he has that second expression. Spoilers ;) (on DA here)

I think my black markers are starting to hate me... )

For the next one I tried to draw them a few years older, and for now it's the only drawing where they're smoking their usual Toscano cigar. Don Camillo only seems to smoke half-cigars, but they probably start whole at some point :D (on DA here.)

To the same tree )

“We’ll let you choose the place where you are to be hanged,” jeered Peppone.
“I can tell you that right now,” retorted Don Camillo. “Right beside you, Comrade...” (from
Comrade Don Camillo)

Y'know, for all that those two often promise that the other will be hanged “when we take over”/“when we get rid of you lot”, they couldn’t live without one another. And they know it ;o)

The next one has a long explanation, which I'm also putting under a cut. It's one of my favourite moments in the fourth film (Don Camillo Monsignore... Ma non troppo). Still going for my mental image of Don Camillo rather than Fernandel, although I tried to really get Gino Cervi's expression on "my" Peppone's face. (DA page here.)

The bell )

In the films, there are two funerals (the old schoolmistress in the first one, and the one I mentioned under the previous cut), and both times, Peppone cries. And it's never presented as ridiculous or unmanly or played for laughs :')

Okay, one last drawing, again from the movies - this time the second one, which is probably my favourite of the bunch (with the first one). (DA version here.)

Honey from Marxist bees )

“What did you feed your bees this winter, anyway? The works of Karl Marx?”
“I didn’t even need to feed them all winter. I just repeated your last sermon, and then - wham. They slept.”

Don Camillo is laid up with a fever, so naturally Peppone stops by with hot camomile tea and honey from his own bees (and a favour he needs), and gives him the latest news from the village. The dialogue is straight from the film, too, gentle snark and all.

Those two, I swear /:o)
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As I was saying in my latest post, I ended up (to my surprise) falling pretty hard for a fairly obscure (in the English-speaking world) series of short novels and films set in what the author, Giovannino Guareschi, calls the "Little World"; it's a rural area of the Po Valley in the years after the end of WW2 (so basically 1946-1969, the dates he published the stories), and a little town (which has no name in the stories, but Brescello in the films) whose Communist mayor and Catholic priest are constantly at odds, fierce rivals and also loyal friends.

They both fought in WW1 (more or less willingly), went up in the mountains to fight the Germans after the Italian armistice in WW2, and now they fight each other on everything and anything (with fists, words, rifles, sticks - anything they can grab), mostly for political reasons. Each is also probably the other’s closest friend, and they help each other out without even thinking in times of need. Here’s a longer explanation (of sorts) of why I love these two idiots so much.

So I did a couple of pages worth of doodles to "look" for Don Camillo's and Peppone's faces. Here's Peppone's. If the file is too large, it might show up better on my DeviantArt page here.
Peppone doodles )
Here's Don Camillo's page; I draw him a little leaner now, but on the whole my design hasn't changed. For context, in one of the stories of the first book (some of which made it into the second movie), the little town hosts a boxing match between their local champion and the city champion. The local guy does well until the city champ delivers a dirty blow, which enrages our Comrade Mayor Peppone so much (not that it usually takes a lot to get him riled up anyway) that he jumps on the ring to take on him himself. Now Peppone’s a burly fellow who knows a thing or two about fighting… Except he’s so angry he can’t see straight, so the other guy lays him out pretty quickly. Funnily enough, someone else then jumps on the ring and proceeds to kick the champion’s arse, to the delight of the townspeople :3 (DeviantArt page here.)
Don Camillo doodle dump )
Now, this is the first drawing I actually published (on my tumblr,; since I spent some time looking for their faces as adults, I thought I'd imagine what they would look like as kids. I think a major part of Giuseppe detto Peppino comes from this drawing :o) (On DeviantArt here)
Sworn frenemies )
And one last more. I'm putting the explanation/context under the "read more", too, because whoo-hoo this got long... (aaand on DA here.)
"Little World" vignettes )That's it for now!
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...Just very busy during the day and knackered when I get home. I've had an actual job since the beginning of September: I work at the "archives départementales" (departments are a subdivision of France; it's country -> régions -> départements -> communes (towns).) for a cleaning company that specialises in restoring old documents.

Details behind the cut... )

Tl;dr: my job is equal parts yay and meh, I'm happy about it but knackered and glad it's over soon :o)

I've re-discovered Les Misérables again (book and musical), and aside from the fact that I am inordinately excited about the oncoming Tom Hooper movie (I read the script and I don't expect it to be anything but awesome), it's made me feel artsy again, because there are so many great characters. Some of my favourites are the students who fight on the barricades during the June Uprising, and Hugo draws such good portraits of them with words that I just had to try my hand at defining my mental images of them. It's a big picture, so in case LJ truncates it here's a link.

Les Amis de l'ABC. It's a pun on "abaissé" - downtrodden. Hugo loves those, and so do I :P )

So, from top to bottom/left to right, Feuilly (the only workman of the group), Combeferre (badass bookworm extraordinaire), Lesgles/Lègle/Laigle/L’Aigle de Meaux, known as Bossuet (sweet man, but really unlucky with a healthy sense of humour about it), Joly (most cheerful and loveable hypochondriac you’ll ever meet); Enjolras (statuesque warrior of the Republic), Jean (or Jehan) Prouvaire (sweet-natured poet you do not want to cross), and the three less reputable of the lot, Bahorel (a generous spirit and a first-class brawler given any flimsy excuse), Courfeyrac (a fop and a dandy with a heart larger than Europe) and Grantaire (an often drunken cynic who doesn’t care a bit for revolution but really likes hanging out with the rest of them).

Also, and because I haven't posted anything in ages and I feel the (probably unnecessary) need to make up for it, I nicked this great little Doctor Who "Which Doctor are you" quizz from [ profile] rose_of_pollux, and I have to say the results surprised me...

Allons-y! And I'm French, I'm entitled :D )

Fine by me :o)

Hope you're doing well!
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Because it's been ages since I posted anything, and because I've been doodling with my tablet again and I guess it's not too shabby (even if I still have a looong way to go in terms of making portraits look like actual people).

You think it’ll last forever, the people and cars and concrete. But it won’t. One day it’s all gone, even the sky. )

Doctor Who Season 1 (well, 27, actually) Episode 2 ("The End of the World").

I like this one.
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I just finished the story I mentioned earlier (Into the Woods) and I'll be posting the first chapter on FFnet on Wednesday. I'll put up the 3rd chapter of Soul Food shortly (5 nominations!! Still grinning like an idiot there :D), as soon as I get back my rich text editor, unless I suddenly get brave enough to fiddle with HTML code for a whole chapter. We'll see.

In the meantime, I finished a drawing that I'm rather happy about. Of course, Newkirk doesn't really look like Newkirk (he's a slippery bugger :P), but overall it's not that bad, even though I cheated a bit with the lighting. Ah well.

Cutting the image for f-list friendliness - hope the tag works! )

It's actually part of a scene near the very beginning of Into the Woods - nothing spoilery, just my favourite American, Englishman and Frenchman going on a retrieve-downed-flyers mission - and it goes with this little bit:

"Right," whispered Newkirk, "let's take a look at the map. Carter, get the torch."

"The what?" Carter frowned, looking confused. "Look, I don't even have a lighter – what do you need a torch for?"

LeBeau shook his head, chuckling. "'Divided by a common language'. He means the flashlight, Carter."

"Oh – right."

Carter turned on the small lamp, Newkirk unfolded the map and LeBeau craned his neck to look.

That's it for now :o]
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Achy all over, check. Runny nose, check. Head that's filled with cotton, check. Bugs-Bunny-speaking-French voice, check... I hate colds :S Especially since I can't seem to write anything decent and I've got the boys in a pickle... I'll come back to it :o)

In the meantime, I draw.

Looks like somebody else caught a cold, too. )

No mission for him today :o)
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I can't believe I haven't posted anything here since November! Time flies :o) Well, since then I re-discovered Hogan's Heroes - caught a few episodes on (French) TV, and I remembered how awesome it was, so naturally I headed over to the Internet to watch the show in (mostly) English :o) Funny thing is, it kicked my writing bug into life again, and boy did I needed that. Turned out I actually could finish a story after all! (I'll be posting Soul Food shortly, I think - for the moment I'm trying to continue another one. I'm on a roll :D)

In the meantime, I doodle. A lot.

So here's what could be a snapshot, I guess: Corporal LeBeau cooking something that looks and smells kind of yummy, and Sergeant Schultz hoping he'll get a helping of it :o)

"Hear nothing, see nothing, but smell something, huh?" )

The next drawing is still very much a doodle (I didn't even clean all the pencil strokes) but I'll (probably) colour it one of these days. It's based off a still from the end of "The Great Impersonation", which is one of my favourite episodes; Newkirk, Carter and LeBeau have been caught and sent to another Stalag, so Hogan talks Schultz into impersonating Colonel Klink and spring them up. He ends up performing admirably (schnapps helped a lot) and the boys triumphantly ride into the sunset drive back to camp in a truck... And Schultz faints :D

"Hey, what's the matter with Schultz?" )

There's a blank HH meme, and I did what I always do when I fill one of these things: I drew the answers :o) LJ wouldn't let me post the whole thing (too darn long, I suppose) so I broke it down to one picture per question. If for some reason the picture is cut (LJ does that), right-click on it and choose "Display picture/image".

1) So, soldier, how did you get into Hogan's Heroes? Answer, schnell!

In a nutshell - )

2) Who's your favourite character? Draw them. It better not be Colonel Crittendon, old chap.

This probably won't come as a surprise... ;o) )

3) Why do you like that character?

Um, because :o) )

4) Alright, reason enough. Now, what's your favourite episode? (I know there's a lot of good ones. Pick your ultimate fave.)

Now THAT's a hard one to answer... )

5) BAH! If Major Hochstetter started yelling at you in that very shrill voice of his, what would do/say? Draw it. That's an order.

What is this woman doing here anyway? )

6) Draw what would happen if you were stuck in a caved-in tunnel with your least favourite character.

Don'tpanicdon'tpanicdon'tpanic... )

7) Draw one of your favourite scenes from the show.

“Colonel, me little mate’s been hit.” )

8) What would be your codename for the Underground? (i.e. Goldilocks, Papa Bear...) Don't worry, I won't tell.

Didn't know an actual beard was required... )

9) How would you make Schultz lose weight? Let's face it, he's too fat.

No, he's not :o) )

10) Almost done. What is your favourite catchphrase from the show? Draw the character(s) saying it.

Hi, Schultz! )

When you think of HH catchphrases, you think of “I know nothing!!”, “Nobody escapes from Stalag 13” or Hochstetter’s “What is this man doing here?”… But the one that I prefer is the countless times Schultz catches the boys out of camp/doing something POWs should definitely not do, and they greet him with a cheerful, “Hi, Schultz!” Hogan looks a bit underfed in this one (damn, I can never get the head/shoulders ratio right, can I? :D)… Ah well :o)

11) Newkirk or LeBeau?

You mean I have to CHOOSE? )

12) Last question. Would you rather go on a date/be friends with Klink or Burkhalter?

Now I think about it... )

Klink is a Cloud Cuckoolander (of sorts). Burkhalter most definitely is not. And incidentally, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is the one that has the famous "Ode to Joy" (An Die Freude) and yes, it is one of the most awesome pieces of music ever written :o)

And one more doodle for the road! So to speak. I coloured decently (I hope) Question #2.

LeBeau, Louis, Caporal. )

The drawing itself was too small for me to scribble "France" on his insignia - hope he doesn't mind :o) (Oh, who am I kidding - of course he'd mind!)

That's all for now :o]
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I discovered the anime series in 2002/2003 when it ran on French TV, and fell in love with it - then I got my hands on the manga (did most of my reading in big bookshops, because that's a lot of volumes!) and fell in love with it all over again :o) Recently I found the manga in English online - only read them in French before... So of course I re-read pretty much the entire series in one go. It's so completely demented, insanely funny and heart-wrenchingly heartwarming at the same time ;o)

So I took my pencil and marker and used a couple of pages from the manga for reference. As the title (and Eikichi's bandage) shows, this is toward the end of the series. (The drawings are kinda big.)

Sayonara, folks )

Aaand another.

Fangirling )

I like how this one turned out, even though Onizuka looks much too young and the girl's head is a little bit too big :P

Anyway, another school girl falling for the charm of the Greatest Teacher In All Japan... not that he'll notice until she hands him her underwear, I bet. Then he'll fantasise like mad and freak out because she's underage.
Not necessarily in that order ;D

That's all, folks :o]
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Been on a Quantum Leap kick recently, and as usual my fingers itched to do something about it - so I did :o) I found me a few stills from the series and grabbed my trusted pencil and black marker.

So, first drawing, Dr. Sam Beckett. )

Most of the times Sam leaps into someone, he arrives in the middle of a tough/weird/absurd situation, and he has a couple of seconds to adapt.

... And sometimes, when he gets there, he's in the middle of a passionate kiss with a beautiful woman ;o)

Thank you, God/Fate/Time/Whatever! )

And, last but not least, Rear Admiral Al Calavicci, perhaps my favourite character in QL since I first watched an episode years and years ago. (I think it's the eyes, the snark, and the undying friendship between him and Sam, in that order ;o)

Hello, Admiral )

I almost never cry watching something on TV (or in the cinema, for that matter), especially if it's something I've already seen, but I cannot watch the final minutes of M.I.A. without getting misty-eyed. You know what I mean if you've seen it. "Georgia, Georgia... The song of you..."

That's all for now :o)
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I watched Lilo and Stitch again the other day - had a bad, highly stressful day, which I knew couldn't be cured with anything other than a hug from the Best Beloved, and failing that, a pint of Cookie Dough ice cream and one of my favourite movies. Turns out, I got all three, we shared the ice cream and it gave me the itch to draw again. So I hit 1) the pause button, 2) my pencil and eraser, and 3) my watercolour pencils and paints.

A song for Lilo )

(It's a large picture, so if the right side is cut, click right and choose "Display picture" in the menu.) I added a dash of black ink for Lilo's hair and eyes, and still think the background looks funny, but overall I guess it ain't bad. My in-laws got me a book on watercolours for my birthday, and it helped a lot :o)

Pantxika (pronounced pan-tshee-ka) is my real name, by the way :o]

Real life updates... )

Means we're moving again soon, of course. Darn, we hadn't even opened all the boxes from the previous flat yet :P
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...But not the one that one of my first-graders (in French we call that class CP - six-to-seven years olds) made for my birthday and gave me yesterday. It was adorable :o)

Okay, remember I mentioned a marker drawing of Ninjette a way back? Here it is:

Hi, 'Jette! )

She was fun to draw :o)

Also, three watercolours + ink (well, two, and one ink-only). Not specific characters (although the brown-haired one with a smile kinda looks like me), so feel free to make up what you want about them :D

70s girl )

(the scanner messed up a bit - upper left corner's blurry)

Dreamer )

(It's tough to be precise with ink and a brush!)

Short-haired gal )

(One of my favourites - there's a Darwyn Cooke-ish vibe to it :o)

I came back to an old favourite fandom of mine, Pirates of the Caribbean (never really left, but this time I tried something new) and my favourite PotC characters, Pintel and Ragetti. I wanted to do something a bit different from what I usually do, something that showed I worked on it a bit.

Gunners of the Caribbean )

As usual, there are things in this that bother me (the characters' hands, the actual background - or lack thereof - and the window is just weird) but, as a whole, I think the lighting works. Which is saying something.

And now, for something completely different, a quick envelope doodle (I seem to be doing that a lot these days) of River Tam in War Stories (one of my very favourite episodes of Firefly).

There's no power in the 'verse can stop her. )

The doodle ended up a little too close to the left edge than I'd liked, hence the half gun (also, I'm rubbish at drawing guns and machines, which of course means I should draw more of them) but the posture isn't bad, I suppose :o)

That's all for now, folks :o]
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Finally managed a somewhat decent fanart of the Granada version of Sherlock Holmes, yay! So, here are Watson and Lestrade popping their heads round a door and discovering the alleged murder victim of the story, while Holmes looks smug in the background, having of course figured it out :D

Smug Holmes is smug ;o) )

Based on the TV series, with Jeremy Brett as Holmes, David Burke as Watson, and Colin Jeavons as Lestrade. I love any scene that has those three characters together, they play off each other ridiculously well :P

Also, got myself the Firefly BluRay, and since the weather this weekend was crappy we snuggled on the couch and watched a few episodes. Boy, I had almost forgotten how epically funny and heart-wrenching it turn this show could be... Really, a pity that they couldn't make more episodes. Bah, at least we have those :o]
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Well, Christmas holidays have come and gone. I got really nice presents - a box of watercolours, a hot pebble massage, a box of foie gras (which we ate for New Year's and was delicious), Chinese bowls with chopsticks, a box of Beatles coasters, an invite to a hands-on cooking lesson... but the present I treasure most is a little jar of hard dried pine resin, with a photo of my great-grandfather on it and the words "My great-grandfather was a pine-tapper". In French it's called "un résinier" - or a "gemmeur", and collecting resin was a traditional Gascon job. My mum found a big chunk of resin while emptying my grandparents' house for the upcoming sale and sorting their things; she broke it and she filled two jars (one for me, one for my sister) and kept one for herself. It's a little bit of my Landes legacy, and it made me quite happy :o]

I drew and doodled quite a bit these holidays. I also read a few of the Muppet Sherlock Holmes comics, and laughed and laughed and laughed :D With Gonzo as Holmes, Fozzie the Bear as Watson, Kermit as Lestrade (well, LeStrade) and Mis Piggy as Irene Adler... Holmes is a Cloud-Cuckoolander and a Bunny Ears Lawyer Detective, Watson is a well-meaning bumbling doctor (maybe) and Lestrade is a first-class Deadpan Snarker. Well, it's Kermit ;o)

So I made this (a bit quickly, plus I forgot the little moustache). 'Cause Kermit is the coolest frog ever :o)

Inspector Lestrade... well, Kermit :o) )

Two pages of the little notebook I got with the watercolours:

Pretty colours )

Plus a few Megamind doodles, because I saw the film and I loved it. Not OMFGAWESOMESTAWESOMEEVAH loved it, but it rocked and left me with a happy warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. And let's face it, hearing Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train in the middle of what is essentially a cartoon is just plain exhilarating :D

So here's my first drawing of 2011, really - a doodle of a guy and a woman in love. Happy new year, everybody! ♥

SPOILERS - Look who got the girl after all! )

Roxanne Ritchi, TV Reporter and Serial Kidnapping Victim Extraordinaire, and clearly not impressed :o)

Oh, *please...* )

Although Megamind is probably my favourite character in the eponymous movie (and I can count the films where I prefer the main protagonist on the fingers of my hand), Minion is a very close second, because that fantastic little fish is full of awesome. And a drama queen to boot :P

Funnily enough, in French the adjective "mignon" (pronounced exactly like "minion") means "cute" :o)

And cute he is! )

And finally some Metro Man... Because honestly, Captain Marvel and consorts have nothing on Metro Man where ham - and cheese - are concerned :o)

Some cheese to go with that ham? )

I'm getting up at 6 tomorrow again after two weeks worth of (pretty stressful) holiday, and it's a rather depressing thought - but for the moment... "♫ ♪ Welcome to the jungle, we got fun 'n games...♪ ♫" :D
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So lately I played around with black ink and my trusted pencils, and after rereading some Hugo Pratt this is what I got. I had Foxy Lady running in my head at the time - think it shows :o)

Oooh... FOXY. )

I messed up the girl on the right, and the nose of the woman on the left looks funny, but overall it's not too shabby.

This is Corto Maltese - often sailor, sometimes pirate, adventurer, gentleman of fortune, and dreamer extraordinaire. One of my favourite characters in European comics (by Hugo Pratt, writer and artist). Tried to do him justice with watercolour pencils and ink... Whether I did or not is your call.

The man, NOT the country :D )

Long, straight lines are a pain with a brush :D

One last for the road - Moira "Banshee" O'Danann is a character Corto Maltese meets and leaves in Les Celtiques (a series of stories set between 1916 and 1918 between Ireland and Brittany. I softened her up a bit without meaning to, but I think I got the general feeling right. And the hat.

And it's a nice hat. )

That's all for today :o) I'm still writing (or trying to, anyway - I have trouble with the second part) my Sherlock Holmes Empty House fic, and beta-ing takes up a lot of my time too. But I'm working my way through both :o)

Also, bloody cold snap. I can't feel my fingers through my gloves when I'm reading while waiting for the bus :S
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I've been reading Sherlock Holmes fanfiction by Aragonite /[ profile] karstcrystal lately; she's an author who writes excellent Holmes and Watson, but mostly focuses on the Inspectors, Constables and everyone (Canon or original) who works at Scotland Yard. Since reading her fics (which are instructive, character AND plot-based  and as funny as they can be a punch in the gut) is a guarantee of never looking at these characters the same way again, I once again found myself on the bus with time (one hour and fifteen minutes to work and back) on my hands as well as paper and a pencil. Oh, and now I can't think of other possible first names for Inspectors Lestrade and Bradstreet.

So, top left to bottom right: Roger Bradstreet, Geoffrey Lestrade, Stanley Hopkins and Tobias Gregson. Lestrade looks way too young and I was toying with a design for Hopkins that didn't work, but for a bus doodle it's not too shabby :o)

Meet London's Finest :o) )

Another bus doodle. I did have Colin Jeavons in mind as a design, but it's been absolute years since I watched the Granada series and it shows. Plus, I can never make my drawings match the model :/

Doubtful Lestrade )

Yet another bus doodle. When Tobias Gregson is smiling like that, you know something bad is about/happening to somebody else.

Smug Gregson is smug )

Aaaand this one is a bus doodle that grew a bit. I have no idea what happened, but it's got Bradstreet stunned, Gregson in a grimly analytical mood, and Lestrade smiling. Not in a nice way at all.

I'm a bit disappointed, because that wasn't quite what I'd intended Lestrade to look like, and I'm not sure the bus' movements are entirely to blame.

The aftermath of a case gone awry. )

Now, they're all unscathed alive and standing, at least. I'd love to see someone work up a story on that basis :D

If the images don't appear wholly, click right and on "Display picture" :o]
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...Because marking the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth feels more right (I suppose) - less morbid, anyway - than the 40th anniversary of his death.

White strings on black guitar is HARD to draw... )

Boy, but this takes me back. I must've done this drawing in 2001 or 2002. Anyway, Mr. John Winston Lennon, circa 1965.

Gonna dream a lot today - maybe even more so than usual :o)
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Sherlock Holmes is one of those fandoms I come back to every so often, and between the 2009 film with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law that I saw again recently, and the BBC's fantastic new series Sherlock (set in 2010 London), I find myself engrossed once more in the Canon (coming up to the climax of The Hound of the Baskervilles as my bedside book) and various fanfics (FF dot net author KCS writes excellent stuff, by the way, especially if like me you're a fan of both Holmes and Watson).

So, as usual when the need to draw takes me, I doodle. Here's a couple I did after hitting the 'Pause' button on my player during the end titles of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes:

Scruffy!Holmes )

And Watson. Rather proud of that one.

Low angle shot!Watson )

And since I'm working on a SH meme, here's my answer for question number five (I might post it when it's finished) - the first drawing of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as John I'm (somewhat) proud of. Somewhat.

The original Dynamic Duo )

Oh, and I did a DC meme way back in January - and had a lot of fun.

Aw yeah DC! :D )

Colours at last :o)

Now, school's started again, and believe it or not it was a genuine blast to see all these faces again. The kids are so sweet - I got welcome back hugs (more like flying tackles for some!), grins, and "When are we going to the library/computer room with you again?" questions. Plus, there's been some changes in the staff, and a teacher who was very stressed out (and stressed everybody out) is gone, replaced with a charming, funny teacher whom I got a good feeling about.

Now there's just the question of how I'm going to go to work on Tuesday (bus strike), and how we're going to move into our new future flat (after four years of living in a one-room one, it's a welcome change) and when. It scares me a bit - I don't like moving houses - but we highly need the space and François needs somewhere to work that's not the bedroom. (We're gonna have a bedroom! Proper! Yay :P)

Now, if only I could find I Shall Wear Midnight in my bookshop...
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I can't help myself (♫ Four Tops! Yay! ♪) - there I go again :o)

I recently saw The Princess and the Frog (in French, and although that version was good, I now yearn to hear it in English) and since I was doodling, I doodled this. Doesn't do justice to the original, but there ya go :o]

The Princess and A frog... )

Ooh, look, a tree! )

Freckles )

Also... saw Toy Story 3 again, this time in French because all French versions of Pixar films are as much Made of Win as their English counterparts.

... Needless to say, it rocked my socks off, ripped my bloody, mangled heart from my chest and reinstalled it again all warm and fuzzy with a "Don't worry, it'll be all right"... Again :D
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I took up watercolour pencils again, partly because François was on the computer and I wasn't :P but also because I wanted to water a drawing I'd done and hadn't had the occasion to. Anyway.

So a few days (weeks?) ago I did this drawing of Inara Serra (from the great show Firefly) and here it is in watercolours.

Inara )

The other one isn't fanart; it's more random characters who come and go through my head as the mood fits. But I'm rather proud of these, especially the blonde one.

Faces under the cut )

The eyes never fail to give me trouble, I'm afraid :D This, plus the smudges on her cheek and on her neck. But I'll get better eventually :o)


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