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Third snippet already! Hopefully by the next one I'll have figured how to post with a cut and get it right in one go. Honestly, it's like I lost every LJ skill I had D: Anyway.

Title: Between the Mountains and the Plains
Fandom: Giovanni Guareschi's The Little World of Don Camillo stories
Genre: Humour/drama
Rating: G
Summary: We only ever get hints in the books and films of what Don Camillo's and Peppone's clandestine activities were during the German occupation. Here's my take on the idea.
Chapter: 3. With December come bad news. Hope is not always found at the bottom of a box, but some people may find it there anyway.

A Natale, freddo cordiale.
(At Christmas, the cold is friendly [meaning, it gets colder afterwards].)

Italian proverb.

December 1943 )

Oh goodness, I hope it works this time :-/

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Back with the second snippet! It's longer than the first - I think each one is longer than the previous one - and a little more serious. Hope you like it!

Title: Between the Mountains and the Plains
Fandom: Giovanni Guareschi's The Little World of Don Camillo stories
Genre: Humour/drama
Rating: G
Summary: We only ever get hints in the books and films of what Don Camillo's and Peppone's clandestine activities were during the German occupation. Here's my take on the idea.
Chapter: 2.In which Don Camillo visits some of his parishioners in exile and comes to a few startling conclusions.

All witches are selfish, the Queen had said. But Tiffany’s Third Thought said: Then turn selfishness into a weapon! Make all things yours! Make other lives and dreams and hopes yours! Protect them! Save them! Bring them into the sheepfold! Walk the gale for them! Keep away the wolf! My dreams! My brother! My family! My land! My world! How dare you try to take those things, because they are mine!
I have a duty!

Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

November 1943 )

Okay, I think the formatting's mostly good - and I didn't spend half as much time as I did last entry! Yay :D Scratch that, I spent a long time. Urgh :-/
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I say I'd come back with a story, didn't I? I just hope the cross-posting thing with LJ works this time. While I did draw a lot in 2016, I published no story at all (not even a drabble) and only tweaked existing WIPs. Yet another thing I'll have to work on this year :o)

This is the first of four (so far) vignettes I wrote in late 2015. The tone is mostly neutral leaning on humour, but since it's set during WW2, drama does sneak in.

Title: Between the Mountains and the Plains
Fandom: Giovanni Guareschi's The Little World of Don Camillo stories
Genre: Humour/drama
Rating: G
SummaryWe only ever get hints in the books and films of what Don Camillo's and Peppone's clandestine activities were during the German occupation. Here's my take on the idea.
Chapter: 1. 
The Nazis didn’t spare sleepy little villages when they invaded Northern Italy. Hard times means hard decisions have to be made.

Una mattina, mi sono svegliato
O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao,
Una mattina, mi sono svegliato
E ho trovato l’invasor


(I woke up one morning
Oh lovely farewell, farewell, farewell
I woke up one morning
And found the invaders on my land…)

Unknown composer/lyricist, Bella Ciao

September 1943 )

I'm still figuring out the formatting - lost the habit of having to tweak it. I hope you like the story!
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Wow, it's been too long since I posted anything here... Well, I'll try to come back more often. Meanwhile, since I have a new story (in a new fandom), I'll post it here too, just in case :o)

Title: Giuseppe detto Peppino
Fandom: Giovanni Guareschi's The Little World of Don Camillo stories
Genre: Mostly comedy with less funny bits and children hitting each other (is that a genre?)
Rating: G
Summary: Giuseppe Bottazzi wasn’t always called Peppone; in fact, when was little, he really was little, and everybody called him Peppino.

Author's notes: “Peppone” and “Peppino” are different forms for “Giuseppe” (Peppone’s actual name, although nobody uses it), respectively augmentative and diminutive. If I had to completely translate “Giuseppe detto Peppino” it would be “Joseph aka Little Joe”, I guess. But it loses a lot in the translation…

I used the term “Lowlands” to translate “la Bassa (padana)”, the low plains of the Po Valley; the French translator used “le bas-pays” and I wanted an expression that had that informal, familiar quality and as far from “exotic” (so to speak) as possible. Also, while there’s a number of mentions to things that have happened or have been alluded to in the books (like Peppone being a holy terror in school as a kid, or the flowers in the tin cup and the Madonnina at the end), most of this is a complete invention of mine. (Y’know, as we fanfic authors do.) I just hope I did right by those characters and their little world.

(Story behind the cut.) )

I called Peppone’s dad Gino because of Gino Cervi, who played him in the movies (the only ones that count I care about); since Don Camillo’s last name is never mentioned (he uses an alias in Comrade Don Camillo, and Peppone even points out it’s a false name), I gave him Giovanni Guareschi’s mother’s maiden name and gave her first name to Peppone’s mum. I hope they don’t mind.

And I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it :o]

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For Ivybramble, who requested I post this here, and anyone else who is interested :o)

30 snippets for 30 words. )

"Camera" (4) references a situation in Man's Best Friend is Not His Dog (Carter forgot a camera in the middle of the compound), and the dialogue in "Red" (23) comes from That's No Lady, That's My Spy. I didn't mean to have "Not Enough" (19) and "Orange" (20) deal with essentially the same situation (reactions to something blowing up), but both snippets fit together rather well.
Hope you liked! :o]

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Oh boy. I seem to have dreadfully neglected my journal... I guess Tumblr has something to do with that. This site is almost as bad as TV Tropes in terms of procrastination. You take one look at it, and when you look elsewhere you find out that an hour has passed :D

But enough of that. I'm writing very, very slowly these days (working on a 15-chapter story, and when I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel it generally turns out to be the train - I've barely reached the middle), so I'd like to ask something, if you're so inclined.

I'd like to experiment with prompts.

So, leave me a prompt and I'll try to write a snippet around it. Main fandom is Hogan's Heroes, but I might (if my writer's block forgets about me long enough) be able to do other fandoms, as long as it's something I've already written fic about.

I'm really curious :o]
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After months of procrastinating, I finally got started on one of the long HH stories I've been jotting down notes for for the past three or four months. It's going to be a longish story (about 15 chapters), slightly on the supernatural side, which is a first for me - so here's hoping I can actually finish it, which would also be a first (so far, stories exceeding 10 chapters have taken me a long, long time to write). So I'm keeping my fingers crossed :o)

I've applied for a couple of jobs for September, and I'm waiting for an answer. It's both junior high school supervisors, and I actually don't want the job - supervising ten-year-olds was stressful enough, but I'm terrified at the thought of handling fifteen-year-olds who'll be taller than me, not to mention helping them with their homework when I never understood a thing about grammar and I'm just terrible at maths. Oh, and I'd have to supervise school cafeteria, too, which means having my lunch a hour or so before the kids. The only perk in one of the jobs is that I could be in charge of the school library on Wednesday mornings. It doesn't help that I spent some of the worst years of my life in junior high school, being bullied and trying to remain as invisible as possible. Of course I've changed since then, but I simply don't want to go back. Too many bad memories.

Ah well. In the meantime, I write as much as I can to make up for future lack of time :o)
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(Since I haven't finished the cover image for FFnet and this snapshot is finished and beta'ed, I'm posting it here. In case anyone reads this, I'd really like your opinion.)

I was toying with word prompt tables the other day (I think I'll go with random words generators next time, though), and came up with a few drabbles. And then I reached the word "If" at some point, remembered "That's No Lady, That's My Spy" and a challenge over at the Forum XIIIC ... And out came this. Don't look for quirky humour here; it's probably the bleakest thing I've written so far.

So, in the cold open of the aforementioned episode, SS shot at our Heroes, LeBeau got grazed, and Underground leader Oskar Danzig was seriously wounded. However, in another leg of the Trousers of Time (see Terry Pratchett for details), things … did not quite go that way.

Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Titke: If
Characters: Hogan and the gang
Rating: PG
Genre: drama
Pairing: none
Summary: A call from Red Riding Hood comes in the stunned hush that follows tragedy. An AU take on the opening of 'That's No Lady, That's My Spy". Word of warning: short, and as brutal and ugly as unexpected death can be.

The radio suddenly crackling into life broke the stillness like a thunderclap... )

Notes: "Grandmother" is Danzig, and the "cake" is the information Hogan and co. passed to him.

I promise that the next thing I publish will be more cheerful than that (not that it's hard).
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So the plot bunny for this snippet has been nibbling at my ankles for some time, but I decided I had to get it down for [ profile] rose_of_pollux's birthday. Birthday presents are always a good incentive to do your best :o) So joyeux anniversaire, Crystal Rose of Pollux! Have some Newkirk and LeBeau banter - hope you like it :D

Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Chapter: Merlu Pané et Pommes de Terre Frites
Characters: Peter Newkirk, Louis LeBeau
Rating: G
Genre: humour, friendship
Pairing: none

Post-war snippet. The best part of fish and chips isn't the fish and chips; it's who you share it with. )
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 Er... remember my post back in February about a Hogan's Heroes story of mine being nominated for what we (in the HH fandom) call the Papa Bear Awards (an annual election of the best HH fanfiction)? I just got the results. And I'm just starting to calm down now, although frankly I'm still grinning so wide it almost hurts and my heart's still pounding from the excitement :D So I apologise for the exclamation points, the abuse of which I'm perfectly aware is usually associated with someone who wears their underpants on their heads. I don't, although right now I'm so over the moon I'm in another galaxy, if not another dimension, so I really wouldn't really notice if I wore my left sock on my right ear.

See, the results come like in sports, with gold, silver and bronze "medals". Well, Soul Food came Silver in "Best Long Comedy" and "Most Unique Story", Bronze in "Best Story of 2012" (!!!), and Gold in "Best Portrayal of a Canon Character"!!!!

I still can't believe it, really. It's a bit like waiting for Christmas, and then opening your presents and finding they're the best ever - and like Christmas, now that I know what I got, I expect the excitement will wear off in proportion to what it was just before (and believe you me, I spent all day like a cat on a hot tin roof, with almost frazzled nerves, not unlike waiting for the results of an exam) and that I'll perhaps feel a bit low knowing that I don't have this to look forward to anymore... But in the meantime, I'll just let out a big WHOO-HOOO!!!!!

(I know, more exclamation points - time to check for knickers in inappropriate places :P)

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Procrastinating instead of writing - which admittedly can count as procrastination in itself, because there are a hundred things I could should be doing... How sad is that? :o)

Anyway. I'm considering posting a snippet/story or two only here, a follow-up on Bobby, Robert, Pauline and co. (once I finish it, anyway; I'm still working on the first chapter) that consists of six phone calls between the boys/their families. It's post-war, with a lot of original characters, and nothing much really happens, so I don't know 1) if it's good enough, 2) if anyone will be interested in reading it, or even 3) whether I'll see it through. I'll do my best.

In the meantime, the last chapter of Soul Food!

Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Chapter: Bouillon de Poule (5/5)
Characters: Sergeant Schultz, Corporal Newkirk, Colonel Hogan, Sergeant Kinchloe, Sergeant Carter
Rating: G
Genre: drama, humour
Pairing: none

January 1945: How Schultz Learned To Stop Worrying And Let Prisoners Make Chicken Soup. )

It's the first time I've ever been able to write "the end" at the end of a multi-chaptered story. Ever. I don't know if it actually counts (if it doesn't, then Into the Woods is the first actual multi-chaptered story I managed to finish) but when I wrote these words, boy they meant a lot.

Writing this story confirmed something, too: I really really like Newkirk and LeBeau. Writing their dialogue (to or about each other) was one of my very favourite things in Soul Food :o)
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Well, I intend to post the 4th chapter of Soul Food and I post the 5th and last instead. Typical :P

Magret de canard – usually just called "magret" – is roasted duck breast (Sud-Ouest cuisine tends to feature duck prominently), and together with gratin dauphinois, it's probably one of my very favourite dishes when done well. It's not gourmet food (it does require some culinary knowledge, though, compared to something like garbure, which is basically leftover soup), but it's absolutely delicious :o)

Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Chapter: Gratin Dauphinois (et Magret de Canard) (4/5)
Characters: Sergeant Schultz, Corporal LeBeau, Corporal Newkirk, Sergeant Carter
Rating: G
Genre: drama, humour
Pairing: none

August 1944: Is the gratin dauphinois burning? )

This is probably my favourite chapter; it's the one I enjoyed writing most, anyway. Hope you liked it, too :o]
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Formatting's back! Yay :D So I can finally post the 3rd chapter of Soul Food. I'll post the 4th one next week and the 5th a few days after - then I can move on to Into the Woods. I don't think a lot of people are reading these stories here, but just in case there are I hope you like(d) :o)

Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Chapter: Cassoulet à la Toulousaine (3/5)
Characters: Sergeant Schultz, Corporal LeBeau, Corporal Newkirk, Sergeant Kinchloe, Colonel Hogan
Rating: G
Genre: drama, humour
Pairing: none

November 1942: In which Sergeant Schultz fights the cold with cassoulet and Stalag XIII numbers increase by one. )
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Autoformatting's still not working (although apparently I can now embed an image) but I just have to share this, because half an hour later I still find it so bloody unbelievable :o) Also, since the only people I know in real life who know what fanfiction means for me are my fiancé (whom I can always count on for support) and my best friend (who is great, but lives miles away), this is just as good a place as any to gush :o)

I apologise in advance for the outrageous use of smileys and capital letters in this post, and its perfectly egregious length. I'm just excited and happy to ridiculous levels.

Hope the LJ cut thing works... )

It's now 1:40AM, and how on Earth am I supposed to fall asleep now? :o]
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Second part :o) The other story's shaping up well - in fact, I'm working on the last chapter. Hope I can finish it :D

Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Chapter: Boeuf Bourguignon (2/5)
Characters: Sergeant Schultz, Corporal LeBeau, Corporal Newkirk, Sergeant Kinchloe, Colonel Hogan
Rating: G
Genre: drama, humour
Pairing: none

September 1942: Gestapo officers, monkey business and marinades, oh my... )

I loved writing Barracks 2 monkey business from Schultz' point of view :D Hope you like(d) :o]

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As you can probably tell by my two last posts, I've recently re-discovered Hogan's Heroes and really got into it. I don't know what it is with this fandom, but it really drew me in like few fandoms have done before; it kicked my writing bug into life again and enabled me to finish my very first chaptered story ever. So I'm posting it here, too. It's not really a story so much as five one-shots, in chronological order, and each of them has something to do with a particular French (for the most part) recipe, and I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing :o)

Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Title: Soul Food
Chapter: Garbure (1/5)
Characters: Sergeant Schultz, Corporal LeBeau
Rating: G
Genre: drama, humour
Pairing: none

February 1941: Sergeant Schultz catches an unexpected thief and trades a garbure for strudel. )

I'm currently trying to write another story (a "proper" one, in 7 chapters, not just a series of one-shots); but I'm nearing the 5th chapter now and I'm still not sure whether I will publish it or not. It seems to lack... something. I don't know. I hope it doesn't lack heart, that's the main thing. Hope the writing fire won't turn out to be just a dud :/

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Title: When the World Stops
Author: Belphegor
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters: John Watson
Pairing: none
Spoilers: major spoilers for "The Reichenbach Fall"
Genre: lots of hurt, and little comfort.
Author's Note: jotted this down last night after finally getting to see that episode, because that sentence would not let me go during the last few minutes.
Warning: major character death, some stream-of-consciousness, and no beta whatsoever.

What do you do when the world stops? )

Oh, Mr Freeman. I didn't think I'd cry at the end of that one, with the foregone conclusion and everything, but you damn well made me.
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We're still in the middle of packing boxes - deadline is August 1st, when the furniture removers come, and we have to hand in the keys one week later and we still haven't made enough boxes... Yeah. Anyway, they've started to run White Collar - with an atrociously cringe-worthy bland/corny French title, but fortunately I was curious - and joy of joys, viewers have a choice in languages! So we watch it in English (not French dubbed) and so far I've had a great time :o)

So I got some of my writing itch back, took 50 words at random from fanfiction prompt tables, and set about doing something productive. So far, I've only completed 25 ficlets/drabbles/sentence-length thingies. It's hard, getting back on the horse, but I'm stubborn :o) Only two are tags to specific episodes (which, by the way, I haven't seen yet - only seen the first 8 episodes so far) so I'll put the name of the episode in spoiler mode (highlight to see) just in case :o] The title is in progress, because frankly, there's got to be something better than "Twenty-five moments" :P

The series, basically, is a white collar gentleman thief (serving his sentence with a GPS tracker anklet) helping the FBI agent who caught him to solve cases. But if you haven't seen the series, these will make little sense to you, and I wouldn't want to spoil your fun...

Title: Twenty-five moments
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Elizabeth Burke, Mozzie, June
Pairing: Peter/Elizabeth. Seldom seen such a sweet, loving married couple on TV.
Rating: G
Summary: twenty-five snapshots based on twenty-five words.


Snippets behind the cut )

I'll be back soon, I hope, with Harry Potter sketches I did around the time HP7 part 2 came out - and with [ profile] ivybramble 's birthday present Tiny!Wild Wild Rogues :o)

See ya!
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Been writing on the bus again, and it feels good after what seems like an eternity :o) I don't know whether there will be more where it came from, but for the moment I'm enjoying it for what it's worth :D

No romance, except a bit of Sam/Annie in the second one.

NO SPOILERS, circa 1973

Gene Hunt on a good day, and on a bad day. )
(241 words)


Sam Tyler and 1970s music :o) )

(200 words)

ASHES TO ASHES (sort of), mid-1960s

The new Detective Sergeant has an out-of-character moment )


(164 words)

Also, I've been doodling with watercolours and ink again, but I'll scan the results and put 'em up some other time, because it's nearly midnight here :o) G'night!
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Title:   Backup
Fandom: Life on Mars (pre-series)
Characters:  Chris Skelton, Ray Carling
Pairing: none
:  G
Genre: humour, a few ouchies, dialogue-only
Word Count:  200
Spoilers/Warnings:  having seen the finale of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes and knowing why Chris freezes in a shootout helps, but it's not spoileriffic.
Summary:  D.C. Ray Carling, P.C. Chris Skelton, and one guy with a gun - situation should be simple. It's not, though.
A/N: Wrote this one on the bus this morning, partly because I could see it playing out in my head and also because I wanted to know whether I could write dialogue-only LoM fiction. Up to you to decide whether the voices are recognisable :o)


Ray thinks Chris is being a div. )


Writing again, yay :o)

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