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 (Cross-posted on LJ here - the other link doesn't work) Well, I shouldn't make resolutions :-/ Here I am, a year after I swore I'd be around more, finally posting something. I'm sorry.

That said, when I do post something (and I will), I'll cross-post it on my mirror Dreamwidth account,, which I created mainly for backup now that the LJ servers have moved to Russia. Not that I'm afraid that my little corner of nonsense will somewhat incur the wrath of the Kremlin, but just in case the LJ owners decide that the non-Russian market is no longer profitable and delete it. Since I don't want to lose the lovely comments and the posts that go with them, I imported all of it on Dreamwidth. Also, there is concern that, considering the Russian government anti-LGBT stance, LGBT blogs might be in danger of being deleted. This sort of bullshit goes against all of my principles and I won't be staying here if that's the case. (More on that here and here.)

In the meantime, I hope everybody's doing well! I'll be back soon with a few Don Camillo vignettes I wrote last year but only posted on Tumblr a few days ago. And who knows, newly-written stuff? I hope I can get my writing muses in gear again this year :o)
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...Just very busy during the day and knackered when I get home. I've had an actual job since the beginning of September: I work at the "archives départementales" (departments are a subdivision of France; it's country -> régions -> départements -> communes (towns).) for a cleaning company that specialises in restoring old documents.

Details behind the cut... )

Tl;dr: my job is equal parts yay and meh, I'm happy about it but knackered and glad it's over soon :o)

I've re-discovered Les Misérables again (book and musical), and aside from the fact that I am inordinately excited about the oncoming Tom Hooper movie (I read the script and I don't expect it to be anything but awesome), it's made me feel artsy again, because there are so many great characters. Some of my favourites are the students who fight on the barricades during the June Uprising, and Hugo draws such good portraits of them with words that I just had to try my hand at defining my mental images of them. It's a big picture, so in case LJ truncates it here's a link.

Les Amis de l'ABC. It's a pun on "abaissé" - downtrodden. Hugo loves those, and so do I :P )

So, from top to bottom/left to right, Feuilly (the only workman of the group), Combeferre (badass bookworm extraordinaire), Lesgles/Lègle/Laigle/L’Aigle de Meaux, known as Bossuet (sweet man, but really unlucky with a healthy sense of humour about it), Joly (most cheerful and loveable hypochondriac you’ll ever meet); Enjolras (statuesque warrior of the Republic), Jean (or Jehan) Prouvaire (sweet-natured poet you do not want to cross), and the three less reputable of the lot, Bahorel (a generous spirit and a first-class brawler given any flimsy excuse), Courfeyrac (a fop and a dandy with a heart larger than Europe) and Grantaire (an often drunken cynic who doesn’t care a bit for revolution but really likes hanging out with the rest of them).

Also, and because I haven't posted anything in ages and I feel the (probably unnecessary) need to make up for it, I nicked this great little Doctor Who "Which Doctor are you" quizz from [ profile] rose_of_pollux, and I have to say the results surprised me...

Allons-y! And I'm French, I'm entitled :D )

Fine by me :o)

Hope you're doing well!
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After months of procrastinating, I finally got started on one of the long HH stories I've been jotting down notes for for the past three or four months. It's going to be a longish story (about 15 chapters), slightly on the supernatural side, which is a first for me - so here's hoping I can actually finish it, which would also be a first (so far, stories exceeding 10 chapters have taken me a long, long time to write). So I'm keeping my fingers crossed :o)

I've applied for a couple of jobs for September, and I'm waiting for an answer. It's both junior high school supervisors, and I actually don't want the job - supervising ten-year-olds was stressful enough, but I'm terrified at the thought of handling fifteen-year-olds who'll be taller than me, not to mention helping them with their homework when I never understood a thing about grammar and I'm just terrible at maths. Oh, and I'd have to supervise school cafeteria, too, which means having my lunch a hour or so before the kids. The only perk in one of the jobs is that I could be in charge of the school library on Wednesday mornings. It doesn't help that I spent some of the worst years of my life in junior high school, being bullied and trying to remain as invisible as possible. Of course I've changed since then, but I simply don't want to go back. Too many bad memories.

Ah well. In the meantime, I write as much as I can to make up for future lack of time :o)
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Autoformatting's still not working (although apparently I can now embed an image) but I just have to share this, because half an hour later I still find it so bloody unbelievable :o) Also, since the only people I know in real life who know what fanfiction means for me are my fiancé (whom I can always count on for support) and my best friend (who is great, but lives miles away), this is just as good a place as any to gush :o)

I apologise in advance for the outrageous use of smileys and capital letters in this post, and its perfectly egregious length. I'm just excited and happy to ridiculous levels.

Hope the LJ cut thing works... )

It's now 1:40AM, and how on Earth am I supposed to fall asleep now? :o]
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I don't know what's going on, but the HTML editor isn't working at the moment, which means I have to rely entirely on tags. Maybe it's just my browser (Mozilla 10.0.2) goofing off; anyone else experiencing trouble in that department?
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(I have no idea how you make the "LJ user" HTML work in the title... ah well. I'll nose around LJ and find out.)

So I lifted this "Strike-through what you've done before" meme from [ profile] kcscribbler (who in turn "snitched" it from [ profile] charleygirl), because I found it darned interesting :o) It's rather long, though - 100 questions :o)

So I LJ-cut it for F-list friendliness. )

58 out of 100 – not bad :o)

Still looking for a job... After a week of eventful holidays. We went to Spain, we went to Agen, and to Bordeaux... Lots of fun, but also lots of driving. I can't wait for the Best Beloved to take his driver's licence so we can split the time behind the wheel :o)
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We're still in the middle of packing boxes - deadline is August 1st, when the furniture removers come, and we have to hand in the keys one week later and we still haven't made enough boxes... Yeah. Anyway, they've started to run White Collar - with an atrociously cringe-worthy bland/corny French title, but fortunately I was curious - and joy of joys, viewers have a choice in languages! So we watch it in English (not French dubbed) and so far I've had a great time :o)

So I got some of my writing itch back, took 50 words at random from fanfiction prompt tables, and set about doing something productive. So far, I've only completed 25 ficlets/drabbles/sentence-length thingies. It's hard, getting back on the horse, but I'm stubborn :o) Only two are tags to specific episodes (which, by the way, I haven't seen yet - only seen the first 8 episodes so far) so I'll put the name of the episode in spoiler mode (highlight to see) just in case :o] The title is in progress, because frankly, there's got to be something better than "Twenty-five moments" :P

The series, basically, is a white collar gentleman thief (serving his sentence with a GPS tracker anklet) helping the FBI agent who caught him to solve cases. But if you haven't seen the series, these will make little sense to you, and I wouldn't want to spoil your fun...

Title: Twenty-five moments
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Elizabeth Burke, Mozzie, June
Pairing: Peter/Elizabeth. Seldom seen such a sweet, loving married couple on TV.
Rating: G
Summary: twenty-five snapshots based on twenty-five words.


Snippets behind the cut )

I'll be back soon, I hope, with Harry Potter sketches I did around the time HP7 part 2 came out - and with [ profile] ivybramble 's birthday present Tiny!Wild Wild Rogues :o)

See ya!
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I watched Lilo and Stitch again the other day - had a bad, highly stressful day, which I knew couldn't be cured with anything other than a hug from the Best Beloved, and failing that, a pint of Cookie Dough ice cream and one of my favourite movies. Turns out, I got all three, we shared the ice cream and it gave me the itch to draw again. So I hit 1) the pause button, 2) my pencil and eraser, and 3) my watercolour pencils and paints.

A song for Lilo )

(It's a large picture, so if the right side is cut, click right and choose "Display picture" in the menu.) I added a dash of black ink for Lilo's hair and eyes, and still think the background looks funny, but overall I guess it ain't bad. My in-laws got me a book on watercolours for my birthday, and it helped a lot :o)

Pantxika (pronounced pan-tshee-ka) is my real name, by the way :o]

Real life updates... )

Means we're moving again soon, of course. Darn, we hadn't even opened all the boxes from the previous flat yet :P
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I did a "random MP3 player" meme waaay back in November 2009, and only remembered it when [ profile] runenklinge  posted her own :D I had posted the results on my DeviantART journal page, which enabled me to find them again. Brain like a sieve these days, really :P (The fact that I'm recovering from a nasty cold that makes my head feel all cottony notwithstanding ;o)

The only compromise I made was skip the French songs, because not a lot of people would know what I mean. 'Sides, they often weren't funny enough as an answer :P

"Chain of Fools" :D )

In other news, I'm still desperately stuck on every fanfic I have in the pipeline (so to speak) and the only thing I managed to draw was a portrait of Ninjette (of Empowered fame) with reference I might post when I scan it. Admittedly, it's not shabby, but I botched the highlights on the leather and part of the hair :P Ah well.

Also, good news - we'll definitely be staying in the South West of France next year (and a priori, the years after that)! No Paris for us, yay! :o)
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Well, Christmas holidays have come and gone. I got really nice presents - a box of watercolours, a hot pebble massage, a box of foie gras (which we ate for New Year's and was delicious), Chinese bowls with chopsticks, a box of Beatles coasters, an invite to a hands-on cooking lesson... but the present I treasure most is a little jar of hard dried pine resin, with a photo of my great-grandfather on it and the words "My great-grandfather was a pine-tapper". In French it's called "un résinier" - or a "gemmeur", and collecting resin was a traditional Gascon job. My mum found a big chunk of resin while emptying my grandparents' house for the upcoming sale and sorting their things; she broke it and she filled two jars (one for me, one for my sister) and kept one for herself. It's a little bit of my Landes legacy, and it made me quite happy :o]

I drew and doodled quite a bit these holidays. I also read a few of the Muppet Sherlock Holmes comics, and laughed and laughed and laughed :D With Gonzo as Holmes, Fozzie the Bear as Watson, Kermit as Lestrade (well, LeStrade) and Mis Piggy as Irene Adler... Holmes is a Cloud-Cuckoolander and a Bunny Ears Lawyer Detective, Watson is a well-meaning bumbling doctor (maybe) and Lestrade is a first-class Deadpan Snarker. Well, it's Kermit ;o)

So I made this (a bit quickly, plus I forgot the little moustache). 'Cause Kermit is the coolest frog ever :o)

Inspector Lestrade... well, Kermit :o) )

Two pages of the little notebook I got with the watercolours:

Pretty colours )

Plus a few Megamind doodles, because I saw the film and I loved it. Not OMFGAWESOMESTAWESOMEEVAH loved it, but it rocked and left me with a happy warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. And let's face it, hearing Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train in the middle of what is essentially a cartoon is just plain exhilarating :D

So here's my first drawing of 2011, really - a doodle of a guy and a woman in love. Happy new year, everybody! ♥

SPOILERS - Look who got the girl after all! )

Roxanne Ritchi, TV Reporter and Serial Kidnapping Victim Extraordinaire, and clearly not impressed :o)

Oh, *please...* )

Although Megamind is probably my favourite character in the eponymous movie (and I can count the films where I prefer the main protagonist on the fingers of my hand), Minion is a very close second, because that fantastic little fish is full of awesome. And a drama queen to boot :P

Funnily enough, in French the adjective "mignon" (pronounced exactly like "minion") means "cute" :o)

And cute he is! )

And finally some Metro Man... Because honestly, Captain Marvel and consorts have nothing on Metro Man where ham - and cheese - are concerned :o)

Some cheese to go with that ham? )

I'm getting up at 6 tomorrow again after two weeks worth of (pretty stressful) holiday, and it's a rather depressing thought - but for the moment... "♫ ♪ Welcome to the jungle, we got fun 'n games...♪ ♫" :D
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So, someone on this [ profile] allthingsgood  community decided to create a Secret Santa style love meme (I dropped my name to see what happened - so far, nothing :P) basically, you leave anonymous comments on what you like about the person who posted his/her user name. It got so that they posted a second part, so if you leave your name now we'll know you'll be on the first (few) page(s) :o)

In other news, I finally started Christmas shopping, and can't wait to go and see Megamind tomorrow with the school kids! Unfortunately (maybe), I'll be with the rowdiest bunch of the lot, the 1st graders (we say "CP", for "Cours Préparatoire") of one class (there's two of them) and I hope that I'll be able to enjoy myself in the middle of all the questions and comments and "I want to go to the toilet" :P
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So lately I played around with black ink and my trusted pencils, and after rereading some Hugo Pratt this is what I got. I had Foxy Lady running in my head at the time - think it shows :o)

Oooh... FOXY. )

I messed up the girl on the right, and the nose of the woman on the left looks funny, but overall it's not too shabby.

This is Corto Maltese - often sailor, sometimes pirate, adventurer, gentleman of fortune, and dreamer extraordinaire. One of my favourite characters in European comics (by Hugo Pratt, writer and artist). Tried to do him justice with watercolour pencils and ink... Whether I did or not is your call.

The man, NOT the country :D )

Long, straight lines are a pain with a brush :D

One last for the road - Moira "Banshee" O'Danann is a character Corto Maltese meets and leaves in Les Celtiques (a series of stories set between 1916 and 1918 between Ireland and Brittany. I softened her up a bit without meaning to, but I think I got the general feeling right. And the hat.

And it's a nice hat. )

That's all for today :o) I'm still writing (or trying to, anyway - I have trouble with the second part) my Sherlock Holmes Empty House fic, and beta-ing takes up a lot of my time too. But I'm working my way through both :o)

Also, bloody cold snap. I can't feel my fingers through my gloves when I'm reading while waiting for the bus :S
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The other day I was browsing (an online publishing site) to buy a Sherlock Holmes fanfic collection, and boy, it made me think that one day I'd like to get mine printed. Only for private use, because although SH is public domain now, the DC(A)U certainly ain't, but after collecting my Rogue stories (plus the Snapshot Collection), it stared me in the face how I need to finish at least Harry's. And possibly that other fic I'm working on, called Grim Faces and Bad News, which is the un-noodling of various Noodle Incidents where Janet Snart's husband's "colleagues" show up on her doorstep because something went wonky. Because I put all the fics in one 200-pages-long A5 file, with a proper table of contents and little drawings as headers for every new fic (this meant drawing one for Wife and Harry's; I used already-existing fanarts of mine for the others and made a JLU snapshot-collage for Snapshots.

It looks kinda good, and I'd love to be able to say "That's finished (for now)". I know it sounds big-headed and self-important, but even though it's not legal or anything, I'd like to see what I've written in "official" print. If only because for now I have absolutely no original fiction plot bunny nipping at my ankles :P

So I tried to start again on my Piper chapter of Harry's. I'll see where it goes from there :o]

In other news, I'm down with a nice head cold. Thank God the holidays begin on Thursday evening (for me). Although I have good motivation for getting the car tomorrow to drive to That Swedish Furniture Store :D We're getting a couch! A real one! I can't wait to snuggle into it with a good book/movie :o)
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...Because marking the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth feels more right (I suppose) - less morbid, anyway - than the 40th anniversary of his death.

White strings on black guitar is HARD to draw... )

Boy, but this takes me back. I must've done this drawing in 2001 or 2002. Anyway, Mr. John Winston Lennon, circa 1965.

Gonna dream a lot today - maybe even more so than usual :o)
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And it's bloody good, if I may say so :D

Cut for F-list friendliness! )

Love, all,
Bel :o]
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...We're in the middle of the moving out/in process right now, and my whole (old) flat smells pretty entirely of cardboard. Also, I finally got my first car (although I passed my licence in 2002) so on one hand I'm stressed out by the whole process and on the other I'm freaked out at the mere idea of having to drive (which I absolutely loathe, but there ya go). François is a dear, and I got friends who help out, but I'll be glad when it's over. And when I can use Internet in my new flat, which is another matter entirely :o)

Still, it'll be much better - we'll have two rooms (a proper bedroom! yay!) instead of one, and we'll no longer need to climb a ladder every time we get in and out of bed :D

Aargh! Duty calls :o) Hope everybody's doing well!
Bel :o]
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Sherlock Holmes is one of those fandoms I come back to every so often, and between the 2009 film with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law that I saw again recently, and the BBC's fantastic new series Sherlock (set in 2010 London), I find myself engrossed once more in the Canon (coming up to the climax of The Hound of the Baskervilles as my bedside book) and various fanfics (FF dot net author KCS writes excellent stuff, by the way, especially if like me you're a fan of both Holmes and Watson).

So, as usual when the need to draw takes me, I doodle. Here's a couple I did after hitting the 'Pause' button on my player during the end titles of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes:

Scruffy!Holmes )

And Watson. Rather proud of that one.

Low angle shot!Watson )

And since I'm working on a SH meme, here's my answer for question number five (I might post it when it's finished) - the first drawing of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as John I'm (somewhat) proud of. Somewhat.

The original Dynamic Duo )

Oh, and I did a DC meme way back in January - and had a lot of fun.

Aw yeah DC! :D )

Colours at last :o)

Now, school's started again, and believe it or not it was a genuine blast to see all these faces again. The kids are so sweet - I got welcome back hugs (more like flying tackles for some!), grins, and "When are we going to the library/computer room with you again?" questions. Plus, there's been some changes in the staff, and a teacher who was very stressed out (and stressed everybody out) is gone, replaced with a charming, funny teacher whom I got a good feeling about.

Now there's just the question of how I'm going to go to work on Tuesday (bus strike), and how we're going to move into our new future flat (after four years of living in a one-room one, it's a welcome change) and when. It scares me a bit - I don't like moving houses - but we highly need the space and François needs somewhere to work that's not the bedroom. (We're gonna have a bedroom! Proper! Yay :P)

Now, if only I could find I Shall Wear Midnight in my bookshop...
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Well, it's been busy these last few days.

Cut to make it friend-list friendly :o) )

I can't wait to be settled in our future new flat with my fiancé and for routine to start :o)
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 My mum called me this morning, told me my grandma died. My grandpa died exactly one month and a week ago. The only "good" thing about this is that she was in a coma since the Sunday before last, so it was painless (she wasn't registering anything when I came to see her last week) but really it doesn't make it any less... bad, or me feel any less wretched.

So if you have a joke, even a really lame one, or a fic or what have you, I'm pretty darn interested.

George Bernard Shaw said that life doesn't stop being funny when people die any more than it ceases to be sad when people laugh, and for the moment I'm gonna hang on to that (till the funeral when I can properly go to pieces, of course).

Love, all,


28 Jun 2010 10:45 pm
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My granddad died today. I'm still processing the thought - my mum called me around 4PM-ish, and while it sank in a bit while I was waiting for the bus with nothing else to think about, I don't think it's going to be real till the funeral on Wednesday. You know how it goes. It wasn't really a surprise, but it still kinda was. At least it was painless - he didn't "feel himself die", as we say. Not that it's going to make it any easier once I really come to grips with the fact that my only grandfather is dead (my aitaxi, my Basque granddad, died when I was a year old, but I've known my papi all my life).

I'll deal, of course - I guess I'm essentially a cheerful enough person (at the core, I mean) but for now I feel a little... lost. I spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening with my fiancé and my best friend (my Melody, best girl mate in the world) so it dulls the edges, and François' coming with me to the funeral, which is a comfort. In the meantime, I'll think of my granddad and remember the good bits, and while right now it's a bit hard to reminisce fortunately I actually have a good stash of them.

So... I'll be fine. I know that when I need to curl up and cry I will, but I'll be fine.

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