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Day 26Favourite denouement/wrap-up scene/episode ending? (If not, favourite loose end. Or both.)

Hogan and his guys have done a lot of crazy things right in the middle of camp, in plain sight of everybody (and I’m not counting the stuff they do outside the wire): steal and dismantle a Tiger tank, steal and sabotage a mini-tank, make countless people disappear (as far as the Germans are concerned)… But for me, the best denouement has to be when they put back together a freaking plane and fly it out of the Stalag in “The Flight of the Valkyrie”.

The plane had crash-landed nearby a while ago; they recuperated the pilot and the parts and stored them in the tunnels; then Hogan cons Klink into lending them a tent for the (non-existent) prisoner orchestra to practice their Wagner while they rebuilt the plane in the aforementioned tent … All this while dealing with Crittendon’s first appearance in Stalag 13.

The scene when the plane flies out of the camp to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries is so outrageous that it bypasses egregious and goes straight to glorious :o)
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