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Day 28 What do you think happened to the characters (Allied and German) after the war?

Well, Hogan probably stayed in the military, along with Kinch – and I can’t see Hogan not pulling strings and use his cunning for an integrated army. When I think of the kind of everyday crap Kinch (and the other African-American soldiers, but we’re speaking of the main characters of Hogan’s Heroes here) must have come home to after the war… Makes my blood boil. I can see the team’s Americans taking part in the March on Washington if they weren’t in Vietnam, too.

Carter passed the pharmacy test and took over when the old pharmacist retired. I’m absolutely certain that he volunteered to take care of New Year and 4th of July fireworks, and he turned out so good at it (surprisingly ;o) that he was immediately promoted in charge of every fireworks display in the county. People came over from other places to see his fireworks, he was that good :o)

I have a headcanon of LeBeau going back to Paris and working hard to start a restaurant, which would be difficult in immediate post-war France (rationing only stopped around 1950) – but this is LeBeau we’re talking about: he mastered guerilla cooking with Red Cross parcels, getting a restaurant started wouldn’t be so hard :D I have no idea what Newkirk would be up to, but in my head he came back to Mavis (and a possible brother-in-law) and … I like to think that he went into show business (possibly magic), and ended up at the Palladium, with his name in lights.

Klink was probably detained for a bit right after Germany’s capitulation, but released soon enough, in great part due to Hogan’s statement that, for all his faults, he never committed war crimes – the most he could be charged with was petty embezzlement and an unhealthy amount of grovelling before his superiors. I like to imagine him being a bookkeeper for a while, in a small book store, where he doesn’t have to deal with annoyed generals and annoying Americans – much :P

Schultz rebuilt his toy factory from the ground and gave a job to as many people he could. He made cheap and hardy toys, the kind everyone can afford, because that way more children can play, and children playing makes him happy. LeBeau sent him his strudel recipe one Christmas, and even though Gretchen’s cooking is still not quite to his liking (still, it’s better than the mess hall!), her strudel skills have vastly improved ;o)

Burkhalter stood trial and did some time in a military jail; when he got out, he found it immensely difficult to adjust to the new world dynamics, and never quite fitted in.

Hochstetter was last seen trying to flee the Russian advance on Berlin. He disappeared off the face of the Earth. And that’s all I’m saying about it.

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