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Thought of this one on the bus, and the idea cracked me up and weirded me out at the same time. Of course, when I finally got down to write it, it had lost most of its comedic punch and mostly left the creepy. Your Mileage May Vary :o)

Title: Mad Tea Party
Rating: G
Characters: Captain Cold, Pied Piper, Trickster
Pairing: none
Genre: humour/drama/crack
'Verse: DCAU, most probably. I love Animated!Trickster too much :P
Summary: Captain Cold really, really hates drugs.

Probably not what you think :D )
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So I got this idea running around in my head making silly (and possibly rude) gestures for about ten minutes and I didn't know what I could do with it - so I went to Ivy and turned the prompt into a challenge.

(Mick and Len. Locked in an air-tight room (meat freezer, working or not? :P). No romance. They don’t have to talk about world-shattering events or make significant confessions, but there’s a song in it. Possibly silly guys stuff as well – and they look/sound both serious and silly to us readers.

And when things look pretty hopeless, in waltz Big!Damn!Heroes! Piper and Trickster :D If this happens during Hartley’, James’ and Mick’s stint with the FBI (as opposed to in the DCAU, for instance) it could raise some interesting questions as to exactly why Cold and Heat Wave have managed not to kill each other by now :D)

Her (fantastic) take on it is right there. Mine's here.
So. Here you go. Hope you like :o]

Title: Blood Brothers
Rating: G
Characters: Captain Cold, Heatwave, Pied Piper, Trickster
Pairing: none
Genre: humour/drama
'Verse: DCAU, JLU, set after Destroyer
Summary: They were not going to die, Len decided.
Except possibly from embarrassment when the others found out Mick and him had gotten locked in an out-of-work walk-in freezer.

Blood Brothers )


"Oh Susanna" is deliberate, in case you wondered ;o)

Hope you liked!
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Decided to post my beta-read fics here too :o)



Everybody Comes To Harry's is a new story I'm working on - a series of stories, rather, Rogues-related, that begin/end/take place at Harry's (the Unflappable Barkeep :D) To think that that pub only has a name in my mind because of the bad guy's bar in Watchmen being called "Happy Harry"... :o) But there'll be more nods to Casablanca than to Watchmen. I think :P I mean, the title is one (Everybody Comes To Rick's was the title of the original play the film was based on).

This one's the first chapter, and basically it's the very beginning of what will be the Rogues. Wally - Flash - is still a kid (of around 16) and Captain Cold has been around for maybe a couple of months.

Story: Everybody Comes To Harry's
Chapter one: A Meeting of Rogues
Rating: G
Characters: Captain Cold, Heatwave, Flash
Pairing: none
Genre: mostly humour
'Verse: DCAU
Summary: They say your first bank job is something you always remember. It certainly was the case for Mick Rory.

A Meeting of Rogues )

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